Essentials Plan

With the Essentials Plan, your association homeowners will now be able to utilize credit card payments through our firm. You will find this feature is not utilized with most other law firms specializing in Community Law because the FDCPA prohibits passing convenience or other incidental fees along to consumers for debt collection.

This program is designed to elevate your ability to navigate the growing complexities of today’s associations in a productive and streamlined manner.

Plan Details

This package includes the following benefits for a monthly charge of $69.00*


30 minutes consultation/month
Up to 30 minutes of no-cost attorney consultation per month (*unused time will not be rolled over)

Credit card processing
Unlimited use by consumers or homeowners to resolve their account through credit card payment methods

CCIOA Review
Review 9 CCIOA Responsive Governance Policies & Provide Legal Recommendations (note: recommendations may have additional cost if creation is required)

Group Board Training

Physical or live time video conference access to any workshop scheduled (excludes digital library)

*This charge is assumed for 12 months by the association and will auto renew, unless otherwise directed in writing to Moeller Graf, on or before the renewal date which is listed on the invoice. An association can upgrade at any time within three months of starting the program. If the three months have been exhausted, the association will need to wait for the renewal in order to upgrade. A downgrade can occur within the first 30 days only. After the 30-day window, an association must stay with the plan they are currently on for the remaining term of their package.