Effective Community Association Representation



Moeller Graf provides community association clients with experienced, common sense and efficient representation that solves problems, improves governance, creates community harmony and contributes to long-term community success.


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Representing Colorado’s community associations is our sole focus.


Our objective is to keep our client communities out of court when possible. We will, to the extent possible and practical, achieve owner compliance in a cooperative manner.



Corporate Representation

  • Election and voting issues

  • Amendment & interpretation of governing documents

  • Preparation of opinion letters

  • Evaluation of assessment issues

  • Preparation of policies and rules

  • Attending difficult and contentious meetings

  • Attending to other corporate issues


Cooperative Compliance

  • Extensive counsel for boards of directors

  • Collection matters

  • Covenant enforcement

  • Corporate governance

  • Pre-litigation and non-litigation enforcement

  • Enforcement letters

  • Assistance in conciliation efforts



  • Litigation for governing document enforcement and collection matters

  • Defending community associations that are sued


Contract Negotiation & Review

  • Negotiating and reviewing contracts and easements between community associations and vendors


Arbitration & Mediation

  • Alternative dispute resolution


Construction Defects

  • General corporate counsel

  • In cooperation with specialized construction defect counsel, our office provides corporate counsel as necessary to support the board and community through a construction defect proceeding.


Our Team


Our team works closely with community association boards. Supporting the association, the manager, and board members, we are heavily invested in our clients’ success, always putting their needs first.



We strive to exceed the clients experience. Here is an example of a recent submission we received that expresses that.


Hi David & Tim,
I want to personally thank you both for all the invaluable legal advice you have given our association. You both prove with your hard work that you are the best HOA lawyers in the business. For the 16+ years that I have been working with you, your HOA advice has kept us out of trouble and that is no easy task. Thanks to you and your guidance and advice as our association attorneys.
— Board Member, Denver – April 10, 2019




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 MG consultant services offers consulting expertise in a variety of spaces. Services are mainly focused on accelerating business outcomes with options such as strategic planning to highly regulated compliance situations. This service does not provide legal advice and is a separate entity from the law firm. It was created based on the feedback from our clients over the years that shared a broader level of non-legal service offerings would advantageous to advance their business.  




Access important documents and regulations for community associations: