Jasen P. McDaniel

Chief Operating Officer

I have worked in both the private / public sectors and bring over 25 years of diverse experience to any team. My passion is investing in people to shape a highly client-centric experience as a differentiation point. I transitioned into the legal space in 2014 after considering whether or not I wanted to attain a Juris Doctorate. After deciding a JD was not the path I wanted to pursue, it did not stop me from finding a passion within the legal space. There is so much room for innovation and the legal field is ripe for change for those firms acknowledging this opportunity. My affinity for the opportunity at Moeller Graf is the unwavering commitment toward enhancing the client experience in new/creative ways, while maintaining a world class team.

I have worked within various industries including retail, e-commerce, healthcare and client services at a senior executive level. I’m the CEO of a consulting business that has spent most of the last five years specializing in professional services support. I have participated in numerous start-up companies and committees, focusing on solutions within a rapidly changing competitive landscape. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business and Leadership as well as an MBA, with an emphasis on Marketing. I’m currently pursuing my DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) with an emphasis on leadership and expect to be completed within two years. I have dedicated the second chapter of my career to focus on small to mid-size businesses looking to reinvent themselves or leveraging their legacy experiences while finding relevance for future. I am an avid runner who also enjoys family time, football and motorcycle riding.

As an overarching philosophy, I subscribe to a Franklin Covey method by: Seeking first to understand, then to be understood.


  • Developed custom automation solutions for industry leading products

  • Awarded for leadership and vision from a Fortune 200 company

  • Co-developed an $800 million dollar Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution

  • Created seamless integration with fortune 200 companies through mergers and acquisitions

  • Developed multiple automated retail solutions including kiosks

  • Partnered with Army/Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) and Navy Exchange Services Command(NEXCOM) developing products and services for over 70,000 troops


  • Healthcare Reform

  • International Marketing Creation and Management

  • Omni-channel Product and Sales Development

  • Senior Operations Management

  • Washington State Mediation Certified

  • Small and mid-size organizational development creation

  • Strategic planning creation and execution.