New Status Reports



The status report is an essential tracking tool that enables boards and managers to better understand the efforts and activities related to individual matters being handled by its legal support partners. The tool can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate and has not really evolved since its inception… until now. 

Moeller Graf P.C. has completely revolutionized the way you consume the information on a status report. In the age of visualization being much more powerful than copy or text alone, the status report tool has been re-skinned to provide a completely fresh new user experience. The product will launch shortly as we have completed phase 1 of its development. There are 2 additional phases planned, creating more automation with the ultimate intent to make the experience world class for our clients.

Take a look at the three variations you will see with this planned rollout starting September 2019. Each association Moeller Graf P.C. supports will move all new matters into this format (much of the information has been redacted and will show differently on the finished report). Existing matters will remain in the current format (copy/text only) until the end of the year if they are not resolved. At the beginning of 2020, any matter still existing will be converted to the new format. Moeller Graf P.C. is thrilled to introduce this to you and values your feedback as we work to make this an elite product as a part of the legal and business partnership, we have with one another. 



Executive Summary


This overview shows the user at a glance, what the overall activity was for the month and year. Should the user want to see the detail associated with individual matters, that is easily accessible on this platform. This summary is intended to provide key information such as recovery times and new matters as well as amounts. In future phases we look to provide a custom window for associations so that the summary is tailored to exactly the metrics they would like to see. 



Client Dashboard


Where the executive summary provides a high level of activity, the client dashboard starts to break things down for you. You will have access to what kinds of activities occurred for the previous month such as how many demand letters or lawsuits there were. You will be able to see how homeowners transacted their tender type. You will be able to see reimbursable and non-reimbursable figures as well as approximate time it takes to collect on each matter. In future phases, this will also be customizable to the association with the ultimate goal to provide real time information rather than a one-time monthly report. 



Decision Dashboard


Gone are the days of rifling through the individual pages or trying to find that email outlining what items need a decision from the Board. This dashboard will show all the open items that for which your legal support partners seek a decision from the Board. It will recap what has been done, the time sensitivity, if there is one, how many attempts have been made to get a decision and notes by your legal support team, if relevant. In future phases, this will be a web-based tool that you can open and respond directly to the report without the need for email or other delivery activity. You will also have direct access to the report in future phases and receive alert notifications when a decision is needed.