Moeller Graf has spent over a decade generating experience and knowledge in the HOA space. After channeling this knowledge into actionable outcomes that can be shared with others, we have learned that the most successful community associations incorporate the pursuit of knowledge, education, and exceptional communication in order to manage the complexities of today’s communities. Harnessing these fundamental elements, Moeller Graf is introducing a product designed to replicate this principle without generating financial uncertainty towards its importance. The firm would like to introduce you to the future of creating a path for replicating this success through our new subscription services called the Essentials and Elite Board Member subscription plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we creating a subscription program?

Subscriptions have become a very well-known commodity in the way people use services. Most people generally see subscriptions as a great way to consume a service. It’s predictable, it’s value oriented, and it satisfies a purpose. The market is ripe for a transformation in the way people consume legal services, and this platform will enable us to reach a broader audience given its benefits and value.

Why a monthly subscription service and not charge a lump sum?

The ability for an association to budget for smaller monthly amounts allows for greater adoption of the service verses asking for a total larger sum up front. This also allows the benefits experienced monthly to resonate with the association more than it would if it was a large ticket single purchase front-loaded. 

What are the two different subscription options?

Our Essentials plan has a monthly charge of $69.00. For this cost the association will receive access to enhanced payment methods for themselves as well as homeowners/debtors, up to 30 minutes of free attorney consultation per month, review of their 9 required CCIOA responsible governance policies and provide a recommendation (note: recommendation may have additional cost if creation or revision is required) and access to physical or live time webinars (excludes digital library)

Our Elite Board Member plan has a monthly charge of $99.00. It carries all the benefits of the Essentials plan, plus a host of direct training to enhance the boards effectiveness.

What happens if I don’t use all my attorney time in a single month, will it rollover?

The 30-minute attorney consultation time must be used in a single month which will start on the 1st of each month and end the final day of that calendar month. Unused time will not roll-over to another month. A credit of 30-minutes will show on the association’s bill for those participating by removing the hourly fee of the highest billing attorney’s hourly rate for that month. Note: any consultation that exceeds the 30 minutes will be billed at the attorney’s standard rate.

How long is each subscription?

The subscription is for a 12-month cycle. Should the association elect to cancel mid cycle, a final bill accelerating the remaining monthly subscription amount of the 12-month cycle will be due upon termination. A notice will be mailed out 60 days before the end of the subscription notifying the association of the upcoming renewal. Should the association elect to opt out of the upcoming year, they will not be renewed, otherwise it will be automatic.

When do the plans officially start?

The Essentials plan officially starts on October 1, 2019.

The Elite Board Members plan officially starts on November 1, 2019 (this is the benefits only. All benefits included in the essentials plan starts October 1, 2019).

Who is eligible to participate?

All existing clients will be asked if they would like to participate through marketing, networking and office hours. This will happen between September and the end of the 2019 year.

All new clients will be asked to select one of the programs as a condition of our representation effective October 1, 2019.

How will the 30-minute credit be reflected on my monthly invoice?

A line item credit at the bottom of the invoice will reflect the time removed for that calendar month. The 30-minutes will be removed off the highest hourly rate, even if that attorney was not the one speaking with the association.

Explain the guarantee program…how does that work?

The guarantee program will consider your time spent with an attorney and any credit card fees associated with transactions occurring over the 12-month period. Example: if you engaged attorneys for only 4 months and used only the 30-minute attorney time; that would have a value of up to $660.00 ($165.00 per hour). If credit card usage @ 3% per transaction amounted to $150.00 for the year, the total benefit would be $810.00. This amount would be deducted from what the association paid in over the 12-months. If what the association paid in was more than the benefits you received, you would be entitled to the difference. This would be a check issued within 60 days of the end of the plan cycle.

Note: if an association terminates the relationship in the middle of the 12-month plan cycle, it forfeits any guarantee that may be owed at the time of the termination.

What if my association wants access to the credit card method for debt collection only?

Not a problem, the full Essential package would be available to the association whether they elect use the all the benefits. Should credit card fees not hit the threshold of what the association paid in with its monthly subscription, the guarantee program would kick in.

What if I do not subscribe and one of my debtors attempts to use the service?

If a debtor transacts via credit card but the association is not an Essentials subscriber, the transaction is subject to being refunded. The credit card method for payment is only available to individuals subscribing to the Essentials plan.

As an existing client, how do I enroll in the program?

Either click on the action button located on the website to have the material routed to you or reach out to the office @ 720.279.2568 and speak with the legal professional that regularly supports you. The firm will provide a brief written overview of the program details and ask for the associations consent to start the essential or elite plan in motion. It’s as simple as that.

What if an association is too small to realize the benefits of the program?

Any new association under 50 units will not be required to participate in the program. Of course, we encourage full participation and will honor the guarantee regardless of the size.

Do you guarantee my association’s success if we are on this program?

There is no such guarantee available. An association has many different variables that lend to its success. With knowledge and communication being key, it in no way completely defines the association’s potential for success. Moeller Graf is a committed partner to the associations we provide support to and will work with them to help create the path for this success.