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Manager Training Session - 4 hours (4 credits for DORA and CAI issued)

Eligible for 4 credits CLE

Cost: $55 pre-registered online, $80 cash/check at the door • Register on eventbrite

Capacity: 75

Snacks provided

Insurance deductibles

This class will discuss current trends in Association property insurance, which includes policies having higher deductibles, particularly for wind and hail. It will discuss current trends and shifting those higher deductibles to owners and common pitfalls that arise in attempting to do so. There will also be a discussion of the most common declaration provisions that cause Associations problems in this context.

Post-Construction Defect Lawsuit:

Rebuilding the Community. Now that the community has either won or lost its construction defect case, it is time to rebuild. There will be a discussion about the scope of repairs relative to damages claimed and how to use professionals to determine the scope of repairs when proceeds are insufficient to fix everything.

Manager Licensing Statute Update (if appropriate—if not, Life After Manager Licensing).

There will be a detailed discussion about the existing state of manager licensing, if it exists as of the date of this class, and if not, there will be discussion about industry trends and concerns for the industry without manager licensing and how professional managers can best stay educated and increase the public recognition of their skill set.

Budget Ratification Mailings, Meetings and Maneuvers.

This class will discuss the changes to CCIOA’s 303 budget ratification process as it was amended in 2018 to apply to pre-1992 communities. We will discuss the most common pre-1992 declaration budget provisions and how that relates to the budget ratification requirement for those communities. We will also discuss common meeting pitfalls associated with budget ratification meetings for any community and discuss in detail the timelines and mailing requirements that the law imposes so that budget ratification meetings will be legal and painless.