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Social Media Strategy – Part 2

Creating a strategy towards social media is essential...this class teaches the basics to start enhancing your brand.

Session 2
Social Media Strategy

October 17

After grasping the basics and building upon the session of introduction to social media, now it’s time to define a strategy. Organizations that do not have a social media strategy miss engagement opportunities and amplification of your brand. The latest data states that 81% of consumers start on a company’s digital footprint to understand whether they want to do business or transact with them in the future. Social media plays an increasingly critical data element inside the decision method of today’s savvy consumer.

In this session we explore the process of defining this path and cover the following:

  1. How do I define a social media strategy?

  2. How do I build content?

  3. What is the difference between engagement and amplification?

  4. Introduction to Pay Per Click, Adwords and other social media advertising methods.

  5. Developing targeted messaging and defining key metrics to track success.

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Social Media Strategy – Session 2: $99